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Business Law

Family Law

Property Law and Conveyancing

Business Law

Building a strong legal foundation for your business diminishes the likelihood of legal problems and costly litigation in the future.  We focus on pre-empting problems rather than having to solve them, so our clients avoid repetitive legal costs.

Our Business Law practice is geared towards new and existing enterprises.  Our range of services includes:

  • Registration of Companies
  • Sale of business agreements
  • Joint Ventures
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Service level agreements
  • Terms & conditions
  • Privacy policies
  • Advice on Company legislation
  • Registration of trademarks
  • Contractual disputes
  • Trusts

Family Law

Unfortunately problems do arise – even in close-knit, happy families. When faced with a family law problem it is vital to turn to a specialist in the field who has the required expertise to help you find the best legal solution to your problem. Our Family Law practice assists individuals, families and couples with all aspects of the law relating to marriage, cohabitation, civil unions, parenthood and divorce.

Our family law services include:

  • Marriage contracts (Antenuptials)
  • Mediation – as an alternative to litigation
  • Cohabitation agreements for unmarried couples who live together
  • Separation agreements for married couples who have split but are unsure about whether they intend permanently parting ways.
  • Parenting plans, for married or unmarried parents of children under the age of 18
  • Rights of unmarried fathers
  • Custody disputes
  • Divorce
  • Family Trusts

Property Law and Conveyancing

The purchase and sale of property need not be a daunting experience when Curran Attorneys is part of the process. Our property law practice is geared towards speed, efficiency, accuracy and keeping our conveyancing clients informed on a weekly basis. The conveyancers at Curran Attorneys work closely with all role players every step of the way.  Our clients also benefit from the services of our experienced litigation attorneys who assist with property-related disputes and queries.

Our property law and conveyancing services include:

  • Property transfers and registrations (conveyancing)
  • Property disputes
  • Registration of Sectional Title Schemes
  • Subdivisions and Consolidations
  • Notarial work
  • Drafting of Homeowners Association Constitutions and Rules
  • Advice to Body Corporates and Trustees
  • Leases
  • Co-ownership of property (property partnership agreements)

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